Dungeons & Dragons ...continued

January 31, 2018


Nervously, I agreed. 


I had no idea what a dominant submissive relationship was and honestly, I still don't know. There are so many different variations, it's what works for each individual, you make your own rules.


Damien, my master, he made the rules and I was there to abide by those rules, never to ask questions, not to speak unless spoken to. That night he gave me a "taster" of what I was to expect and said to me he wouldn't go full throttle. Damien wasn't as meticulous as Mr Grey, I didn't have to be kneeled on the floor with my hair tied a certain way, although I feel that would have saved me a whole lot of awkwardness. Instead I just stood there as he demanded I  start taking my clothes off. It was anything but sexy, though he appeared to get a thrill out of it as he paced back and forth by the drawn curtains. Once I was completely naked he took a blindfold off the wall. Usually I'd be all over a blindfold, it heightens the senses and it's something id used plenty of times before. However this time, I was fearful of it. I wanted my eyes to see what was going to happen, to put a stop to anything I didn't want to do, losing my sight was a game changer and Damien knew exactly what he was doing.  All I could rely on was my hearing, to navigate where he was, my memory to try and piece together where in the room he was and what items on the wall that corresponded to. A cold round piece of plastic brushed my lips and four fabric straps cupped my cheeks. He told me to open my mouth and welcome what I could only have guessed was a ball gag.


Not only now had I lost my sight, but my ability to make any clear protests. For a split second I became him, I knew what was coming. He picked me up and placed me onto the bed, which now was covered in a cold plastic sheet. He was going to restrain me, of course. I couldn't see, I couldn't speak and now I wouldn't be able to move. I became ever more anxious as I could feel the plastic sheet sticking to my sweaty body. If you have ever seen American Psycho with Christian Bale, you will know exactly what I was thinking. He lay me face down and bought my heels to my bum, my hands placed around my back and somehow tied them all together. I was helpless, even if I wanted him to stop there was no way I could. A safe word didn't even cross my mind, but he obviously suspected we wouldn't need one if this was just a little "taster".  When you lose the luxury of breathing out of your mouth you become more aware of everything that was once so natural, my heart rate increased and without any sexual intercourse I had already begun panting. 


He started with his fingers, then his tongue before a force so hard and painful slapped me on the cheek of my bum. Before I had a chance to regain my shock, he slapped me again. He gripped my cheeks and dug his nails in between every slap and then moved onto something more swift sounding, a crop. The crop covered less surface area than his hand, and I was thankful for the slight relief. He kept at it with the crop, moving it around until he ran it down from my chest, splitting my lips as he got there and whipping my clit. THE FUCKINg PAIN!! And I mean the tingling, fiery pain that was so overwhelming that tears sprang to my eyes and my whole body flinched. But then it was back experiencing pleasure as he used his tongue to sooth it. And then just as suddenly, the pain again. This happened at least another four times before he could sense the distress in my groans. I couldn't tell if I was enjoying it or absolutely hating it, the pleasure and the pain were perfectly balanced. Damien proceeded to use a variety of toys throughout the rest of the evening, from whips to clamps, to vibrators and anal beads as well as his own teeth. I was relieved for the plastic sheet after a couple of hours, I came a number of times and also thought i'd pee'd myself, when in actual fact I opened the flood gates. I had no idea I was a squirter! But what I did know was when all this was over I would have a dry bed to sleep on. After a while he removed the gag and the blind fold. I could see his face, his deep empty eyes, he was a completely different person. Damien was a confident, mysterious, sadistic man, and I was a helpless pawn in his game, he was not man I had met years ago, or even the man I knew hours before. I was curious as to how this would end, we hadn't actually had sex yet, he had used toys by never put his dick inside me. How could he just switch from the Master to Damien once he had had enough? Eventually he began to untie me from my restraints, when he realised I was physically exhausted. It had been four hours of pleasure and pain, but a softness came back to his face and as he untied the last knot, he kissed me softly and we had sex right there on the bed that had been tainted with torture. He came fairly quickly, as did I and as weak as I looked, he insisted that I showered whilst he tidied up the bedroom. 


As I made my way into the bathroom I put my hands on either side of the sink to hold myself up, looked into the mirror and cried. I wasn't upset or hurt, just exhausted. I looked at my hair, matted and messy from being grabbed and rubbed against the bed. My make up had gone completely, sweated off in the heat. My body was covered from neck to thighs in red marks, where it had been whipped and cuffed. He had left marks all over my body, marks from his actions, marks to show I belonged to him. 


After my shower I came back into the bedroom and Damien (the original one) was there, putting the duvet on the bed and turning down the cover for me to get in. I didn't want to process what had just happened, I didn't want to talk about it, I just didn't have the energy. My head hit the pillow and I slept.


Waking up to a room full of sex toys was like waking up to a bucket of ice cold water thrown over you. Reality sunk in pretty quickly. Damien wasn't to be seen but the murmur outside the door suggested he was awake. I wanted to get out of that room quickly so I grabbed his t-shirt on the floor and slid it on. I walked out of his dungeon and there he was, in the half room, painting a little dragon like figure, glasses on, after enduring his own little fantasy. 




All the best



The Naked Blogger








For obvious reasons the name in this story has been changed, but the events are all true. Damien and I continued to have a dominant submissive relationship for a while but it wasn't a long term option for me. I want to thank him though, for opening my eyes to what else is out there, for letting me experience BDSM in a safe environment and for giving me some unforgettable evenings/days. I think that most people have an inner passion or needs that they may be embarrassed about or not that comfortable sharing in fear they may be judged. If you remain open minded and discuss things with your partner honestly, like Damien did with me, then you may be surprised to their response. What have you got to lose? 



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