April 4, 2018


Before I became aware of blogging and the power it had to enable my stories to reach around the globe in a short period of time, my experiences were only ever shared with my friends. Every month I undoubtedly had a new tale to tell of my sexcapades and the situations I got myself into. Their responses were always, "this would only happen to you" and "you should write a book". I laughed it off, but the more I thought about it, the more I thought why not?


I never aspired to be a best selling author of erotic novels, I never even had the dream to have anything published. But what I did want, was somewhere to note down my thoughts and feelings during every encounter that was worth writing about. I had every intention on collating some short stories about various sexual experiences, that would make my audience laugh and cringe and maybe even knock one out. It didn't quite work out that way. 


The easiest place to start was with something familiar, something fresh and current, Jack. 


Without giving too much away, incase something does come of the 50 pages I have written, Jack and I knew each other vaguely from secondary school and I wasn't his biggest fan to say the least....why don't I just share some of my work with you...




"Jack was always one of those delinquent characters in school. He went to a neighboring secondary and through mutual friends was how I came about knowing of him and his reputation. In my opinion he wasn’t the most of attractive of 14 year olds, mouthy, constantly in tracksuits and a typical skin head. But he was never short of female interest because of that “badboy” persona. Personally, I was intimidated by him, avoiding any connection with him where possible. He was known as trouble and I was more straight-edged.


12 years later, aimlessly browsing through potential online suitors, a message comes through and I instantly recognise the name. It was him. I took a moment to look through his profile. No kids, surprising as he probably scared girls into sleeping with him. Thinking about it, I would have put him as having two kids by two different women and living on the doll. A lot of people I knew of with Jack’s reputation ended up that way, maybe through no fault of their own, but it was still a surprise to read that he had none. He had taken the time and effort to write a little bio about himself and everything that was said reflected some sort of normality. But who was I kidding, the pictures were the most important part. That skin head would definitely not go down well in this day and age. The first few pictures were of him either on a bike, helmet over his face or with a group of friends, barely recognisable if it wasn’t for the fact I knew he had always been tall and by tall I mean 6ft 4. And then I saw… The top knot…I would have never put him down for having long hair, and his beard, well, that defiantly ticked a box. He looked nothing like his 14-year-old self. If anything, the complete opposite. I skipped through to the next photo – A FULL SLEEVE! Tattooed, bearded, long hair, tall!!! This was just getting better and better."


Skipping now to our first encounter...


"I couldn’t control myself. Something about Jack and the way he kissed me, so assertive and sure of himself, I wanted to hold back but my whole body was telling me to ravish myself in him. The kissing became so intense that we’d gone from laying side by side to me straddled across him. His hands running up from my waist to my shoulders and pulling me down to feel his strength between his legs. I could feel the excitement between mine. I needed to take this into my own hands, the suspense of what was down his shorts was killing me. So I pulled away from his mouth, onto his neck, repositioning my legs in between his. He knew what was about to happen as he lifted his hips to slide off his shorts. I backed myself up and must have got lost in the moment. It was a thing of beauty. Just as I had hoped. Perfectly shaped, so long and so wide, not even my dildo’s and vibrators could compare to this!!! But then sheer panic came about me, I needed to impress him, he came across as the type of guy who had numerous girls sucking his cock, and I needed to stand out from the others, I wanted to be the best. I may not be able to deepthroat but I have my tricks. I took his huge cock into my mouth and wrapped my tongue around the shaft, he tasted so good and I couldn’t get enough of him. My lips fit perfectly around him as I gentley sucked with every movement. Either I was better than I thought or he hadn’t been with a girl in a very long time, because it took him less than 5 minutes to reach climax and surprisingly he tasted a lot better than most guys. Jack was ticking box after box and it was exhilarating. I sat back on the sofa, amazed at my accomplishment, the look on his face said it all, but I still wanted more."



Later that night......



"His hand found its way up my t-shirt, he cupped my breasts and massaged them, my nipples responding to his firm touch, he lifted up my t-shirt and placed one in his mouth. The hairs on my arms stood on end and a shiver ran up my spine. He made his way to the lining of my jeans, I clenched at the thought.  He unbuttoned my jeans with his other hand to get better access to what has undoubtedly been the best foreplay of my life. His fingers were magic, they rubbed against my clit, causing me to arch my back, the sensation was, well, sensational. My breathing became more frantic, the passion in his kiss, the feel of his fingers inside me, the warmth of his body was tipping me over the edge. His cock was digging against my hip, urging me to grab it. He pulled his hand out of me just as I was about to cum. He took off his shorts and top and then proceeded to undress me. The cold air whipped across my body, making me more sensitive to his touch, more welcoming for the warmth of his body. He positioned me on my back, kissing my lips, my neck, my chest, my nipples. He pulled my legs apart and lifted my hips to welcome him. As he entered I let out a sigh. He slowly pushed his length into me and my body went limp. His length and girth felt prominent within me. I was so tight and when he broke through, my head fell back in pleasure. His eyes focusing on mine, his hands, one on my thigh and the other on the back of the sofa. His rhythm was perfect. He knew exactly what he was doing. He thrusted into me again and again, each thrust feeling better than the one before. I was so close to climax but I didn’t want this feeling to end, I wanted to be in this moment, Jack fucking me all night. His nails dug into my thigh as his rhythm sped up. I was engrossed in him, he was close, I could feel his cock harden inside me, I was holding back and as my hips met his one last time, he exploded and I fell around him into the most intense, passionate orgasm I had ever had. The smile on his face as he pulled out, I couldn’t help but reciprocate. We both sat up, catching our breathe. I was in awe that someone I had judged so quickly could make me feel the things I felt during those moments."



A few weeks passed .......


"I took every single inch of him and then he paused. As I looked over my shoulder I saw him leaning to the side, cold metal gleamed in the dull light. He had both of the wolverine claws in his hands. He pressed the sharp tips down onto my back, the feel of the metal against my skin made me shudder. He pressed them down and pulled them back towards him, I could feel a thin layer of my skin open. It replicated the shudder you feel down your back that relates to the walking over your grave saying. I was mesmerised by the feeling, I couldn’t see what was going on, all I knew is he had these knives in his hands and he was repeatedly clawing my back with them. I loved it. I seized the moment and let my body feel every sharp scratch, the pain was good, pleasurable. I saw my phone in the corner of my eye and grabbed it, clicked onto the camera screen and flipped the camera around to face me. I put the phone into video mode and started filming. Jack took this opportunity to press harder, thrust deeper. At first, I was cautious of my moaning, trying to control the sound but the more he clawed and the harder he thrusted, I lost all control. Through the camera I could see the red marks appearing on my back after every scratch. I didn’t care, this was out of this world and I’d happily deal with the scratches when I wasn’t in the middle of orgasm. The sexual urge had overcome the need to perform to the camera and Jack threw the knives to the side, grabbed my hips with his huge hands, held me firmly and slammed into me. He kept his motion and my legs began to shake, I was overwhelmed with the sensation as we both finished together and he lay me forward onto my stomach to regain some life in my body. That was a moment I shall never ever forget."



The realisation we would only ever be fuck buddies......


"I went home that night feeling defeated. A sadness overcome me. I yearned for him to be mine and I needed to face the fact I could never have him. I lay in bed trying my hardest to push every possible thought of him out of my mind, but I couldn’t. I had never felt like this about anyone. Part of me was feeling so obsessed and consumed by him, I had forgotten how powerful he was upon me. This feeling was more than lust. A tear rolled down my cheek. I was in love with him."



Jack & I had a very complicated relationship. I, like many girls, was in love with someone that didn't want me back...but our story didn't finish there. 



All the best


The Naked Blogger 



I welcome any comments relating to my posts, so please feel free to contact me. I would be interested to know if continuing to write about Jack is a good idea. I have my blog for short stories, however the events that unfolded with Jack were hot, dangerous and always erotic, I feel I owe it to myself to commit more than just a blog to that part of my life. 















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